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InSight Pathology is a privately owned company located in the South-East of the Netherlands, offering services related to toxicologic pathology. With more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and around 10 years of experience in the consultancy business as an independent board certified toxicologic pathologist, a broad range of challenges in toxicologic pathology have been addressed and have strengthened my knowledge, experience, capability and insight. 


Straightforward studies and interpretations of toxicology issues rarely exist, and bespoke solutions are often required. It is therefore a benefit to realize that InSight Pathology has the expertise to support you with these studies, by slide reading and independent peer reviews on the one hand, and consultancy on the other.


We welcome you to contact InSight Pathology should you have further questions after having read through this website. We are confident that there is a way in which we can help you with the questions you have and issues or challenges that you face.



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Eric van Esch


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InSight Pathology offers more than 3 decades of experience within toxicologic pathology. This experience is translated to the following services:




InSight Pathology can perform slide reading for your non-clinical safety studies and perform the overall interpretation of findings in these studies. Slide reading for GLP as well as non-GLP studies can be performed. InSight Pathology uses the PathData System for entry and evaluation of pathology data resulting from toxicity and carcinogenicity studies, but also can work on remote systems of test facilities. InSight Pathology has experience in a broad range of studies, varying from short term to carcinogenicity studies, and from studies in rodents (including transgenic animals) to studies in minipigs and non-human primates, using different routes of administration. In addition, many different pharmaceuticals (including biologicals) from a wide range of therapeutic areas as well as different type of chemicals have been assessed for their safety.



Besides primary slide reading for your studies, InSight Pathology can also perform the independent peer-review process for your non-clinical safety studies, when necessary under GLP. Pathology peer review can help to ensure the quality and accuracy of histopathological diagnoses, correct use of terminology (according to INHAND - International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria) and scientific interpretations.




InSight Pathology can provide you with advice on all issues related to toxicologic pathology. To be able to give valuable advice, experience is key. With almost 30 years of experience a broad range of challenges in toxicologic pathology have been faced and have strengthened the knowledge, experience, capabilities and insight.  With this background, InSight Pathology is confident to be able to advise on the way forward for your project (when pathology is concerned), to advise on follow up activities when certain findings are difficult to interpret or make an overall interpretation of pathology findings over different studies. InSight Pathology can also support you in your Due Diligence preparation when an in-depth evaluation of the toxicologic pathology part is needed.


Please contact InSight Pathology for more information, or when you want to request a quotation for one of your studies (slide reading or peer-review) or for consultancy activities.


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For good interpretation of pathology findings experience is key. To give an idea of the experience of Eric van Esch, you are free to request his full Curriculum Vitae at Of special note here are the several Pathology Working Group (PWG) meetings that Eric has participated in over the last years and for which he was asked to participate based on his broad knowledge and experience. 

A list of studies/projects he was involved in as principal investigator (study pathologist), as peer-reviewing pathologist or as consultant during the nearly 10 years he worked for his own company is also available upon request.


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  • Jerry F. Hardisty, DVM, DACVP Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc: “Eric’s extensive knowledge and vast experience were critical in resolving the issues in question and enabling our sponsors to continue their drug development programs”."
    “Eric is recognized as an international expert in toxicologic pathology, with specific expertise in reproductive pathology. He has served as an expert consultant for several panels that we have organized to help resolve issues involving reproductive endpoints in drug development programs. Eric’s extensive knowledge and vast experience were critical in resolving the issues in question and enabling our sponsors to continue their drug development programs.”
  • Dr C Gopinath, BVSc; PhD; FRCPath; FIATP Consultant in Toxicology & Pathology “I was very pleased to see him coming up as an expert, especially in the area of reproductive pathology”"
    During the more than 30 years in which Eric van Esch has worked as a toxicologic pathologist, he has worked together with many others, on studies, on publications, and served on many different boards. Few testimonials of his colleagues are available below. I have known Eric for last 25 years or so as a friend and colleague. I had an input in his early training as a toxicologic pathologist in his formative period at Organon, Netherlands. I had supervised his training program at Huntingdon Life Sciences for a period. I have followed his career with interest and was very pleased to see him coming up as an expert especially in the area of reproductive pathology. He has a creditable list of publications which is impressive. I had several occasions to work with Eric on important issues in toxicologic Pathology and found him valuable at all occasions. He is well liked and respected in Europe as a toxicologic pathologist. I hope to work with Eric on future occasions and I wish him the very best in his new venture as an independent consultant in this field.
  • Dr. Darlene Dixon, D.V.M., Ph.D., Diplomate ACVP   Group leader, Molecular Pathogenesis Group, National Toxicology Program (NTP) Laboratories Branch, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH) “His ideas and approaches to toxicologic pathology are innovative and progressive”"
    Eric and I have worked together over 2 years on the STP INHAND Committee for the Female Reproductive Tract and just recently as founding members of the newly created STP Reproductive Pathology Special Interest Group (SIG). Eric’s expertise and extensive knowledge in Reproductive Toxicologic Pathology have helped tremendously in the writing of the INHAND document. He is a wonderful “team player” and has worked well with all members of both the INHAND committee and the Reproductive Pathology SIG. His ideas and approaches to toxicologic pathology are innovative and progressive. I wish Eric all the best with his new venture and I know he will continue to make excellent contributions to the field of pathology as an independent consultant.
  • Dr. Robert Johnson, DVM, PhD and DACVP. “Eric takes the data one-step further and considers the mechanistic implications as well as the human risk relevance of the combined data”"
    I met Eric for the first time under what could be described as uncomfortable circumstances when the company I worked for at the time (Schering-Plough) purchased the company that Eric worked for at the time (Organon). This initial meeting could have been strained as a result of the uncertainty of the situation. I recall that Eric was approachable and open to hearing what this new company might bring. He was welcoming rather than simply resisting anything we might propose. He more rather accepted us as new colleagues. Naturally and appropriately, he also wanted to partner in shaping our combined future together. This was my first encounter with Eric. With some time and exposure to his work and written reports, I came to know Eric more as a professional colleague rather than quite simply another scientist/pathologist. Eric performs a careful review of the in-life, clinicopathologic and histopathologic findings for a study in order to produce an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of the incidental and test substance findings so that genuine toxicity findings are illustrated in a clear manner. It has been my experience that Eric, moreover takes the data one-step further and considers the mechanistic implications as well as the human risk relevance of the combined data. Eric is prepared to defend a scientific position however is also comfortable stating, “I don’t know”. He conveys findings in a clear, readable manner. From a personal perspective, Eric has patiently explained pathology findings, or comparative female reproductive physiology, to me in a manner that is patient and understandable. Note for example the “Monograph on the Reproductive System of the female Macaque”, in the 2008 Supplement of Toxicologic Pathology. It has been a pleasure to get to know Eric on both a professional and personal level. I wish him the best.
  • Prof. Dr. Eberhard Buse “Interpretation of toxicologic studies among others requires profound knowledge, experience, and overview – in short: insight”"
    Pathological evaluation today is characterized by keywords like Specialization, Innovation, Integration, and Regulation. From there, interpretation of toxicologic studies among others requires profound knowledge, experience, and overview – in short: insight. With the new consultancy named “Insight Pathology” Eric van Esch willingly challenges these virtues. Knowing Eric for a long time, I can attest to him being the personification of: Experience – with fundamental background knowledge on anatomical and clinical pathology, techniques, and reporting programs. For me it has always been a great benefit consulting him on sophisticated organ systems, on hidden and on essential details. Overview – his professional judgement on feasibility, on guidelines, and on essentials of industrial partners, where his own roots emerge from. Insight – what actually summarizes his professional skills, on what’s behind a finding, the how and why, and the future expectation on a compound. I am not surprised that Eric chose “Insight Pathology” for the name of his consultancy, since knowing him to personify “Insight Pathology” as his own personal professional program. Eric will undoubtedly be a key figure in driving toxicologic research ahead. I wish Eric a great start in his new business and the best future success as a consultant.
  • Sien Mousa “He has an amazing photographic memory and sense for subtle morphologic changes”
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GLP Accreditation

In April 2019 InSight Pathology successfully passed the inspection by the Dutch authorities (IGZ) for compliance to the principles of OECD GLP, for the fourth time.

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GLP Accreditation

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Eric van Esch

InSight Pathology BV

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The Netherlands

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Usefull links


For nonclinical consultancy (i.e. services related to all aspects of nonclinical development; from writing a drug development plan, to supporting companies in meetings with regulatory authorities, and ‘everything in between’) I recommend to contact Ilonka van Hoof at NonClinical Insights:


Ilonka van Hoof

 +31 6 27247093

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